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Facts About the Hair Growth Laser Therapy  that You Need to Know


It can be very devastating for patients who are experiencing hair loss due to some conditions. The rise of technology has led to the discovery of a procedure whereby patients can easily regrow the hair through the laser treatment.  The process is less invasive, does not produce any pain and it can work for both women and men. The following are some of the details that you need to know about the hair growth laser treatment.


The Causes of the Hair Loss


Research indicates that most people are likely to lose their hair due to stress, genetic conditions inability of the body to accept the nutrients, and the side effects produced due to chronic illness. Some types of treatment such as the chemotherapy can lead to hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss due to the above factors, it is important that you search for the most effective treatment procedure.


How the Laser Treatment Works


The process involves the exposure of the scalp to the low-level laser machine at www.capillus.com. When the scalp is exposed to the laser light, the hair growth process is stimulated and the existing hair can become healthier. The process encourages the thinning hair to regrow and the devices that are used are very effective and convenient in such a way that they can be worn under the sports cap.


How The Procedure is Achieved


The patient is required to undergo the sessions and the minutes can range from six to twenty in a day. The patient is required to sit beneath the laser and the laser will shine towards their head. The process does not involve any form of heat, therefore, it makes the process painless. The patient can undertake the normal activities as long as their scalp is exposed to the laser.  Visit this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_surgery about laser therapy.


The Length That it Takes for your Hair to Regrow


It is important that you identify the right types of the air growth laser devices at www.capillus.com that you will use. The time of growth will depend from one person to another and it is important that you record a video of yourself to notice the regrowth of your hair. The faster regrowth can be facilitated whenever you realize that you are losing the hair and begin the process immediately. The use of the laser treatments every day for six minutes can ensure that you regrow your hair after 6 months.


The laser hair growth treatment provides several benefits to the user. They help improve the beauty of the existing hair by making them more shiny and healthy. They can also ensure that they restore the damaged hair and they are easy to use and so far there are no side effects.